Arte Soleil

What’s in a voice?

Unfinished – for now

by Robin Barnstead-Long

Sweet, rough, innocent, bitter, soft, bold, timid, proud… all words that can be used to describe a voice.  But what if you don’t feel as though you have one? What if someone took away your voice? What if something happened that made you feel as though you don’t have a voice?  What if, like most people, your life hasn’t been perfect and you don’t feel confident in yourself to use the voice with which you were born? Or, what if nothing and nobody happened, but for whatever reason, due to the lack of self-confidence, you’re afraid to use your voice?  Do you give up? Do you sit in silence until you can no longer stand it?

Some people seek out counseling or therapy to claim that which is inherently theirs.  SOME people get involved with a friend’s business adventure and find that their voice has been hiding all this time locked deep inside her… only to be released with a little encouragement of her friends and peers.  And this somebody learned that she can use her creativity to get through a tough day.

I am so grateful for Arte Soleil, fellow Creatives, my family, and friends.  It was through my commitment to Kris and Pete that I was inspired to MAKE time to create.  And it was through this determination that I found I can find time that I thought I never before had.  And suddenly, I’m trying new types of art… painting for example. For the first time in my life, I finally feel and believe that my talents, as polished or rough as they may be, have made me worthy of the title “Artist”.  I’ve received compliments in the past from family and friends, but when they come from those whose artistic creations you admire, the self-confidence fills you up!

And, with that increased confidence, you suddenly begin to find your voice – and it comes out in your paintings, your jewelry, your photography, your music, your writing, your drawings… and you start to see the value in your art, in your creativity, in YOURSELF.


  • June 11, 2018

    Absolutely beautiful piece, Robin!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us along with your stunning self and brilliant art.

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