Arte Soleil

The Wedding (from a bridesmaid)

by Robin Barnstead-Long

Love is in the air. How fitting for Romance Awareness month, that my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on August 8. Did you know that August is among the top four most popular months to wed? And just this weekend, love was in the air for our very dear friends, Kitty and Bryan. So, to honor this union…

The Wedding (from a bridesmaid)

It starts well before the big day
…when the bride was a young girl, dreaming of what her wedding day will bring
…when they first meet, the first glance, the first dance
…when the butterflies dance at the first kiss
…when at first sight they know they will say I do

The dress is chosen, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are beckoned, and the magic starts to happen. Cakes are selected, flowers arranged, caterers cater, and the decorations hang.

She sits in front of the mirror, makeup applied; her hair in curlers while her dress patiently waits. Laughter is shared among family and friends and can be heard throughout the house. While the wedding party primps, her friends and family continue to set up, ensuring every detail is carried out.

Outside in the yard, voices are muffled enough to hear the ospreys sing as they fly overhead, while laughter and music continues to flow from the house. Everyone has a purpose on this day, and no task goes undone. Underneath it all, the excitement builds and each doily is carefully placed on the tables topped with a vessel of flowers.


Alone, they see each other.
……The purest love they will ever know.
………And all fears fall away as the butterflies settle.

In a spectacular line, we wait for our cues. The moment when we step forward preceding the bride. The energy is a life force of its own as it whisks us to the altar, to see the groom’s face full of overwhelming joy, and to watch the bride as she rightly takes her place at his side. The love is so strong it is tangible. And we bear witness as they join their two lives together and share their I do’s.

Those of us with ties to Arte Soleil understand the significance and parallels between the work that goes behind a wedding, making a marriage work, and the marriage of joined efforts to help a business thrive. Kitty and Bryan, on behalf of your friends and heart-family, we wish you a lifetime full of love and happiness always.