Arte Soleil

The Evolution of Consciousness

By Brice Maki

What is consciousness and how does it interact with us, how does it mend to our surroundings, and how do you define it? To me, the consciousness is a very fluid like aura that has the ability to adapt and grow to immeasurable sizes beyond comprehension. One of the ways that we can display it is through our art or emotions. But if you think about it, most of our art is filled with emotion. Our artistic creations are like a window into our soul. It can show what’s on our mind, what’s bothering us, and, most of all, who we are as individuals.

Art does not have to be a simple definition. Art can be whatever comes naturally to the individual creating it. Sometimes you can move someone with music, sometimes you can make them think with drawings or paintings, and sometimes you can bring them into your own universe with your writings. These forms of art, among many others, are how we show our age, how we show how far we have come as beings within this space. How far must we have come to be able to replicate our inner consciousness in so many intricate and detailed methods.

Who knows how large our consciousness is. When I make ceramics, I think about the piece itself which may seem pretty narrow minded or focused. But when I think about my ceramics, I think about the form, the ease of use, the comfort, and the type of people who will be using it. Where it will it be sold, how it will be talked about throughout time, or even passed down through relatives and generations as time goes on. All of this comes to mind as I create my work and it all is a reflection of who I am as a person at the time of that piece being made.

Pottery is not the best example of this though, it’s still. Too broad of an approach to art in some cases, and may not truly represent the scale that I’m trying to portray. For example, when a painter paints a landscape, they are putting that landscape into their mind and recreating it into a two dimensional plane. Essentially allowing their mind to fill the land and take in what’s there. How have we only rarely become appreciative of this fact.

Outside of pottery. I draw consciousness in its raw form and I try to not allow my mind to see what’s beyond my mind. Instead, I allow my mind to see itself in its current state of evolution. To me. the mind and the soul evolve every second, always taking in our surroundings and growing larger and larger. Some people may even span the cosmos with their consciousness and so can you if you look up into the sky and wonder what’s out there. With every piece of art, there is a message lingering from the universe waiting for someone who relates with it to understand. For every piece of art that an artist makes, there is an owner waiting to receive it. Out there, somewhere, someplace. And that’s why art is so beautiful to me.

I really appreciate being able to be a part of Are Soleil. On the surface, they show how we are advancing through our art as individuals, to be able to be a part of something where you can witness the growth is substantial. Behind the scenes, all of the artists as a whole, coming together and creating in unison with the same goals in mind really makes the space stand out from others. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and I am anticipating watching this creative hub grow into something beyond our wildest expectations.