Arte Soleil

The Creatives’ Web

By Pete Fennell and Kris Bella

The Universe has a way of drawing people together to create connections and inspirations. Over 30 years ago, there was a sliding door. That door has led us to this point in time. Along that journey, we have made numerous connections; a web of invisible lines that interconnect us all together with a strength that is often unseen or unnoticed to make something bigger and more powerful.

We are manifesting forward a vision of creative evolution, expression, and inclusivity. In the past year, our connections have expanded further than our imagination could fathom. Arte Soleil has become that web that is stronger than steel, but as light as a feather, forever spiraling outward. Our Creatives’ Web is capturing the imagination of East Portland and beyond.

As any journey, what lies ahead is unexpected and undetermined. With this uncertainty comes a level of anticipation and excitement. We welcome you to join us as we explore the fabric of our existence and participate in our network of growth and expansion.

Forever grateful,
Kris and Pete