Arte Soleil

The Artist, The Advocate

By Robin Greene-Jacobs

Like many female artists, I have struggled through the years with the vision I have for myself vs the expectations of the world. I am expected to be a certain way but I tend not to fit. And I work very hard NOT to. Why am I constantly feeling the pressure of having to explain myself or defend myself? Do other women feel these burdens when it comes to their art? If so, how do they deal with it? How does one find the energy to remain true and faithful to their own aesthetic in the midst of constant misunderstanding and labeling?

As women, we have a responsibility not only to our art and ourselves but to our audience. To me, I need to view myself as an advocate for myself and my work. As an advocate, a woman takes on a new persona. She veils herself in the cape of protection and the steal armor of defender. Her weapons are her words. Her brush strokes, her pen, her pencil, her clay, her mortar, her strings, her metal, her threads, her herbs and her art. If we think of what we create in this way, I feel there is not only a sense of urgent healing but of guardianship as well. Our work emotes the vision we intend. Our emotions, passions, wishes and whispers combine together to form the piece we share.  The messages we send forth touch someone else and possibly encourage them to speak their voice through whatever medium comes to them. This is the soul of a female artist.

When I walk into Arte Soleil, I immediately feel the world roll off my back. Like a chrysalis emerging from a dormant state, I unfurl my wings of creativity and passion. The Creatives and others that come to share the atmosphere, encourage and feed off one another’s creativity. I am once again bold, challenged and excited to share and express.I am unafraid to try things I’ve never considered using, I never feel judged or inadequate in my efforts. On the contrary, every time I’m there, I am bursting at the seams with new ideas. This is what Kris and Pete have cultivated. This is where we go to awaken the artist within. Thank you Arte Soleil and all of those involved. We are building something beautiful and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.


  • March 6, 2018
    D “SpUd” Henderson

    Sister Robin,

    Wonderful words and thoughts!


  • March 6, 2018
    Susan van rheen

    Robin, You should be a writer also! I enjoyed reading your words so much. Thank you!


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