Arte Soleil

The Arte of Love

by Megan Yates and Variable X/0

Heart Magnet by Robin Barnstead-Long

February is almost here! As Valentine’s Day approaches, people’s thoughts turn to the ideas of romance. At Arte Soleil, we want to help everyone in the community celebrate love in all its forms.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, just the mention of Valentine’s Day puts fear and anxiety in the hearts of many. Everywhere we go, we are followed by the typical array of gifts, candy hearts, roses, chocolates and cards. The list goes on.

For a holiday centered around love, Valentine’s Day stirs a variety of mixed emotions. In fact, many devoted couples skip celebrating all together because of the immense pressure that accompanies the day. They know they don’t need a specific day to appreciate each other.

As for those not in a relationship, February 14th can be painful. Valentine’s culture makes singles feel like they are somehow deficient because they aren’t romantically involved one day a year. But love doesn’t have to mean romance! Consider the people you’re grateful for because you love them platonically.

Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful celebration, filled with appreciation for your loved ones, but the amount of corporate marketing of the holiday can make lots of gifts feel corny or generic. The question comes to mind: “How can I make my valentine feel special?”

The key to a great gift is the thought behind it. Gifts like flowers and chocolates can feel effortless (in a bad way). Make your gift meaningful by choosing something unique and genuine. At Arte Soleil, you’ll find a variety of crafts, clothing, fine art pieces, and many other unique gifts to suit any valentine’s tastes. Shopping small and supporting local artists benefits your community and shows your valentine just how much you care!

Come by and find a thoughtful gift to show your loved one just how much they really mean to you. For a true gift from the heart and hands, visit our open studio and create your own priceless work of art. (We have plenty of supplies, and professional artists are standing by to help!)


  • January 29, 2018

    So many creative ideas at Arte Soleil and what I love is the fact you can make your own special one-of-a-kind gift for your special someone – or maybe just for yourself!

  • February 9, 2018
    Sarah McDermed

    The gift shop at Arte Soleil is full of beautiful and wonderful items, from books and cards to unique photos and jewelry to essential oils and Somalian hot sauce! Love this place!

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