Arte Soleil

Taking time to listen

by Nancy Tingley

Going on vacation to a foreign destination took me away from the over stimulation of my everyday existence and gave me a new perspective on life. I’m writing this as I fly home from visiting family in Norway. The pace of living in Norway seems so much more relaxed and peaceful. Rolling country hills and beautiful homes, many with sod roofs, minus the traffic and hassles of a big city. There was lots of beautiful scenery and wonderful food and great family get-togethers.

Staring out the window of the plane I see endless patterns in clouds and the light over the ocean created designs on the earth that are only seen from above. Sometimes I see lights in the clouds thats origin is hard to find, but just beautiful on its own. I was able to distance myself from our fast paced life and just enjoy. Unending subject matters for creative minds.

On returning home I went to my barn to search for something, and out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. A closer look revealed a praying mantis on my drawing table. I wondered how long it had been there, for the barn had been closed for quite some time. The praying mantis seemed very old for some reason and moving very slowly. It turned its head and looked straight at me and there seemed to be some kind of connection between us. It was one of those moments that are unexplainable but profound. I helped the mantis to get out of the barn and after several more staring matches between us it flew away. It seemed to bring a very calming feeling over me for quite some time.

I shared this story with Kris Bella from Arte Soleil and she immediately looked up praying mantis on her computer. It said they were a sign of stillness. On further inspection I found it to symbolize patience, awareness, intuition and creativity. Having found it on my drawing table seemed significant to me. Sometimes the universe is trying to speak to us if we just take the time to listen.

Coming back to home base and knowing that there is a place I can go to bounce off my ideas or share with other creatives thoughts I have about art is an important part of my artistic freedom. At Arte Soleil there is no judgement about my art, but just a good place to be expressive.

I hope to keep this thought process ongoing.