Arte Soleil

Synergy /ˈsinərjē/

by Pete Fennell

Synergy /ˈsinərjē/  noun: “The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

When Kris and I began Arte Soleil, we both had a vision of a place where we could help other creative people move their Endeavors Forward. I’ve been writing songs for approximately 40 years, I have forged a lot of Creative Energy, wrote many poems and statements, all to share my vision profound. In the past 8 months, I have met so many astounding, wonderful, loving, creative souls and have seen so many prolific endeavors; I feel honored to be part of each. It has expanded my creative landscape. When Creatives Unite, they create a synergy that helps each other move forward, to expand to find New Horizons.

In May, we will encourage each creative to choose one of the other creatives to help. In my mind, I think this will envelop the synergy. Personally, I’m going to choose Bill Larson, owner of The Rocky Butte Slide Guitar Company. He has been incredibly supportive and patient. It’s time to move his wonderful slides to New Horizons, new places to sell. Bill is only one of two people in the United States who makes custom fitted slides. And all the colors of the rainbow and the hues of the universe. Plus he’s just an awesome dude.  ?

The premise of this blog is simple: let’s help each other, let us create synergy which will help all of us evolve. May the Muse be with you.

Love and light ?,

Peter Fennell


  • April 26, 2018
    Ariana Lopez

    I love that you wrote this blog about Synergy, Pete!!!
    This is absolutely what support and collaboration is all about – to aspire and propel each other in our creative endeavors. This creates resilience in a project. We learned about Synergy in my permaculture teachings too.
    This can be applied to plant systems and to everything really!

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