Arte Soleil

Space and Time

By Pete Fennell

I have been a songwriter for 40 years. I have crafted hundreds upon hundreds of lyrics and poems. I have recorded numerous songs, but the perfectionist side of me won’t allow them to be released. In my basement, I have a full recording studio. But I can’t complete. So, I have the space but maybe I don’t have the mental time it takes. Lately I have been having a sense of burnout – the feeling that something that I have done my whole life is drifting away. It is very hard to handle; it is like losing my best friend, my shadow, my ego, my variance, my therapist.

About a year ago, I discovered painting. This is around the same time that the musical muse started fading. Perhaps the muses are jealous that I am venturing into a new territory. I’ve had positive reactions to my visual art and have had some luck in selling them. People seem to like what I am doing. The strange thing is… I don’t think when I paint. And I get instant results. This is not the case with my music. It takes a lot of time. Songs will run through my head for 24 hours a days for months. It feels like it is taking a piece of my soul. But then it is also healing my soul, is that possible?

Define the space and time to experience the adaptation of the muse. Know it is possible to create music and paint. On this journey, I have crafted words to live, to motivate, and to take away pain. Words have been infinite, and always easy for me to write. I tend to dwindle in the darker side of things. Maybe painting is providing me the light I need to see through the darkness.

Am I to create the space and time for the artist, the musician, and the writer to coexist? I think so. What I am learning… creativity is NOT all or nothing, it is everything.

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  • October 23, 2018
    Ed Jones

    “Creativity is not all or nothing” – today I am lost in that feeling of self recrimination – since I didn’t get what I set out to get somehow I have failed. But perhaps just as failing takes something away it gives us something.

  • November 2, 2018

    Great post, Pete! Thank you for writing it out. Yes, you can venture into as many mediums as you wish to; diving into one doesn’t negate one or more others. I don’t feel your music Muse is miffed that you’ve drifted into painting. Au contraire, I feel she’s cheering you on, as she always does for us all, to express and get it out there.
    If you have not yet read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I urge you, urge you, urge you to grab a copy and devour it asap. I am quite sure it will speak to you, affirm you, and that you’ll love it.
    Bright creative blessings to you, Sir Artist 🙂

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