Arte Soleil

Sacred Healing through Creative Arts

by Kris Bella

Bring forth…

Bring forth love, abundance, hope, joy and bounty

Be the Source of All That Is

A Vessel

A Container




I am grateful for this life I am living

I am grateful for the people who are sharing it with me

As I created this sandtray full of sacred imagery, I was taken back many years, beyond this world, this life. I see myself bringing forth the water even in the driest of times. Holding the water, front and center. The joy I experience in supporting others. I am Aquarius. I am calm, I am here…for you, for me, for us. As I see my life unfold and all the blessings before me, I must reflect. What is this bounty?  This bounty is the egg I hold. Kept safe in my loving arms. Feeling peace, knowing peace, being peace.

Open doors for those who are in need for connection. Those who need to be seen.  That is what Arte Soleil is for me. It is that place where people are able to be themselves and know they are accepted.

My heart sings

My voice rejoices

My body dances

My mind relaxes

My soul knows


  • April 10, 2018

    You’ve certainly found your soul’s purpose! Blessed Be!!!

  • April 16, 2018
    Ariana Lopez

    Such an uplifting piece of writing. Keep it up Kris! I am so grateful for what you are creating and the serenity you feel as you embody this purpose:)

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