Arte Soleil

Paint By Number, Singing, and Reiki: How I’ve Grown Up as a Creative

by Heather Michet

My “art” started with Paint By Number kits waaaaay back when.  They were so linear, so predictable…and very ugly.

Curiosity, a belief in lifelong learning and personal growth, have brought my creativity a long way from those pre-outlined boards and numbered colors to a vast array of media: singing, knitting, sustainability workshops, writing*, Reiki, and plant-based products – herbs* and essential oils*.

What the heck does personal growth have to do with creating art?

  • It opens and expands us to living a life less driven by fear and more guided by love, inspiration, and expression.
  • It has been, and continues to be, paramount in my life.  The growth tools I’ve used continue to expand and weave the fabric of my life as well as guide my creative expression.  Meditation, writing, Nature nourishment, and sound work allow me to be a clearer vessel of creativity and service to others and the planet.
  • It provides an ever-increasing receptivity to inspiration and good.  Growth begets expansion and expansion brings more receptivity for good.

Arte Soleil’s invitation to become a founding Creative was a gift of good for me.

For most of my adult life, I’ve yearned to have some physical form of creativity that was beyond Paint By Number style: something that was mine, something that was more visible than etheric as so many of my mediums are.  Something that someone could see, smell, touch and buy from a storefront, not a website.

Being part of the AS collective provides a sense of community between other Creatives and a connection to those who enter into its space to browse, shop, play with various media in the studio, attend a class or offer something at an Open Mic.  It is inspiration.

It is a wide open vessel for me and everyone else, to expand our life experience and grow as interesting, creative humans.

Let’s keep growing in all ways!


* These items are available for purchase at Arte Soleil.