Arte Soleil

Eye into the madness of creation

by Brice Maki

I’ve lost my time again, and it begins to unravel into the infinite collapse of the veil space. The multifaceted face of the creator looks upon me through the infinite holes in my own perception. Where is someone supposed to search for answers when all of the truths are hidden behind the rocks? The rocks within your universe are the rocks within mine; they are all the same, but the dirt beneath them is different. Just as all wisdom is within the unknown doorways of the mind, the infinite pathways of connections within the consciousness, all leading to a destination unseen but well known. What is above is below, what is unseen is felt, and all that comes will eventually go full circle. Look around the construct that you have placed yourself in. It is one from the mind, routed by the soul like a magic pattern within sub-space, like a single entity amassing the space it has created within its own space. I have written this passage an infinite number of ways so as I sit here and write, I look within infinity and only cross the lines of a few optional routes within the continuum of time.

It’s important to defend yourself within this space, by creating layers of mechanisms, overlapping unto themselves infinitely outwards into the space beyond yourself, until eventually your energy of consciousness envelops the endless horizon above the oceans that circumnavigate the white cosmos beyond the darkness. And your true vision can breach upon the veil of the ceiling, and penetrate through that wall of nothingness. There is no ending to infinity; it continues forever outwards and inwards, inside and outside, within and all throughout everything that has ever seen light or darkness. Even the grey areas that lie beyond the stereotype of matter are affected by infinity, as there is no escape. But ask yourself, why would you want to escape?

Do you wish for true isolation from all things other than yourself, so you can freely recreate what has already been created? Without the influence of your past, which you cannot rid yourself of, that scar of influence will always become a mask that you have to overcome. There is no way to escape so be content with your journey forward. With the inception of a tarnished history there is no free will, every aspect of your freedom is tainted by your past, present, and future. Will there ever become a true freedom of the soul? Is there any place unlike this outside of our grasp, but within our reach, where we can walk a path free of contorted dreams?

What does the reader seek in their path? Some have seemed content with their isolated bubble of reality, as if a record being played vertically on the edge, missing the melody and losing themselves within the sliver of comfort that they have already witnessed time and time again, living within a cycle of mundaneness. People often talk and question the afterlife, as if they believe time is finite, but why should we rely on the creator to push through the layers of veil and darkness, continuously seeking out infinity as if pulling through misery, so as to clear a path behind for the weak to follow behind. Why? Why must the weight all be put onto one being so that we feel strong enough to push through to the beyond? Do you believe that all we know happened by accident? There is a grandiose plan beyond this life, although some of us just play it on repeat on purpose.

The infinite’s were not created without effort and time, pain and love, confusion and doubt. Perfection is never going to be as intended, as the whole of all things is a collaborative effort to help us pull through. Even beyond all of this is the impact of elder souls and beings who live to reshape what’s already been shaped; do not allow yourself to become a pawn in this maleficent game that has become the war on minds. Do not seek out things until you are ready to leave behind everything you know. Even I cannot let go of what which I know. With the mysteries opening in front of me, nothing is truly ready for the truth. I do not even believe the creator knows.

There are always mysteries to be rid of, always truths to dispose of, and fallacies to believe in. That is just the state of all things. And no matter how far up the vine you go, how many planes of existence you transcend into, you will never push away the fact that there is life below you, and still so much more to aspire into.

Even if you exist in the maximum plane, the “ceiling” of all things, there is still a place for you to seek out. What do I know though, I’m just nothing but energy slowly drifting through more energy. A density that I cannot fathom envelops me as I continue my journey into the abyss that is the truth. Now this is not exactly a rhetoric on creating art, rather, what goes through my mind as I attempt to create it.