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Books to Cherish for a Lifetime

by Sarah Raplee

I am an avid reader. Many of us have at least one “Keeper Shelf” of books that we cherish. Mine holds a copy of Herbert the Lion my father brought me from England when I was a little girl named Sally. Herbert’s little girl was named Sally too! I loved the story, loved the illustrations, loved that my father gave it to me.

I read about Herbert and Sally to my children and grandchildren. We always wished we’d found more stories about them.

Then I met my friend, Author Susie Slanina, whose children’s book series, Metro the Little Dog, is available at Arte Soleil. Susie’s stories about Metro and her human, Sherry, remind me of the story of Herbert the Lion. Sherry rescues Metro, just as Sally’s father rescues Herbert when he is a cub. Sherry and Metro have a wonderful life together full of friends, fun and all sorts of adventures that will enthrall young children. And there are many books in the series already!

I invite you to drop by Arte Soleil and purchase a Metro book for a lucky child to cherish.

Book 1, Metro Comes Home

When Sherry decides she wants a puppy, she finds Metro, a tiny, engaging puppy at the local animal shelter. It’s love at first sight for both of them, and when Sherry takes Metro home and introduces the playful puppy to Butterscotch, Sherry’s long-time cat, the three become a family. Metro helps plant a veggie garden, takes a walk at midnight, and even goes ballroom dancing! Metro Comes Home is the first in a series of beautifully illustrated children’s books about Metro’s fun-filled doggy adventures. These stories were written to honor the memory of a lovable little dog named Metro and all the wonderful dogs who grace our lives.


  • February 12, 2018

    These are Great Books! Susie’s ability to share Metro’s personality and his love of his people (and their love of him) is priceless. An excellent gift for a young reader!

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