Arte Soleil

Autumn Fun

by Robin Barnstead-Long


No, this is not the All Hallow’s Eve edition of the Arte Soleil blog post, but I do have to say I’m rather excited about this time of year!

I have been trying to put my finger on the one thing that stands out most to me about autumn, and I can’t say there is just one thing. I love everything about it. I love the cooler weather, the earlier evenings, the darker mornings. I love the rain, the wind, the leaves, and the colors. Driving around our north Portland neighborhood, I am delighted to see and feel all of the fall splendor… yellow school buses, smoke rising from neighbor’s chimneys, brilliant moons, hot cider, and pumpkins on doorsteps. Mostly, though, fall is my favorite season because it conjures up many fond childhood memories for me.

As a child of very imaginative and creative parents, fall also meant fun Halloween costumes and endless ways to decorate the house and yard. My favorite costume was created by my dad. I wore a long, rectangle shaped box, much like one would wear a suit. On top of that box, was a curved box with a slot. These boxes were painted mailbox blue, and yes, folks… I was a fe-mail box! Oh, yes… that is exactly what he painted on it. The costume was perfect! Nobody knew who I was, and at 8 or 9 yrs old, that was a very important aspect of the costume! My dad, my ever so busy, always at work dad, made that costume for ME, from 2 boxes, duct tape, and paint. Those were the days!

Fast forward to some 20 years later, and you would find my daughter dressed as Alyssangelo, the forgotten sister of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (sporting a pink mask, of course!). Dad’s ingenuity was passed down to me. That shell was AWESOME! Of course, someone could have told me that plaster-of-paris is really heavy. We found out later that night when she sat down to check her loot and sloooooooooowly tipped onto her shell, stuck upside-down like a turtle on its back!

So, while it’s not quite Halloween yet, that intangible excitement has filled the air. If you are needing a place to work on a Halloween costume, perhaps you are looking for some inspiration, or maybe you are wanting to make a memory or two, consider stopping by Arte Soleil! There is always someone around who is willing to lend an idea!


  • October 16, 2018

    Nice write. Nice remember.

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