Arte Soleil

Art, by definition, is the act of creating something from nothing…

by Linda Cox

Art, by definition, is the act of creating something from nothing, or something that has never been seen before. Growth is eminent because the gift inside will scream for expression. An artist grows because life forces them to reach inside and react creatively to what they see, hear, and experience. Growth comes from the struggles an artist experiences as they strive to find their voice.

My personal growth as an artist began long after I became an adult. The first time I created something it literally set me on fire. Even though I’ve spent many years working, I still must create because the act of creating gives me a sense of accomplishment.

My creative expression comes out first in making wire wrap jewelry. I must continually search for new styles to wire wrap stones; that is, one of a kind with unique stones that are rich in color, shape and size.

Wood working is another creative process that offers great rewards. As I undertake sawing, hand-sanding, drilling, gluing, and varnishing, I struggle to reach the end result that leaves me with a sense of accomplishment; in other words, sanding off my finger nails accidentally, drilling a hole in the wrong place, and forgetting an important step was worth it because the outcome is pleasing. I find I’m far from being where I want to be in wood working, but given time, I will experience the growth I want.

Crocheting is the easiest of the creative processes, and I have experienced a lot of growth. I have crocheted for over thirty-five years and have created everything from blankets to table cloths to doilies to layettes for babies.

As I continue to work as an artist, I am still searching for my voice. Only then will I be satisfied with creating something from nothing that is unique and stands alone in a world full of art and creativity!