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Addiction, Depression and the Empath’s Creative Mind

Creative Souls tend to be empaths: highly sensitive people who feel everything often to the extreme and struggle in intellectualizing those feelings. We can feel the energy of others, negative or positive. And we tend to take on that energy. As a result, that energy needs to go somewhere or it can be destructive.

It seems like many creatives struggle with some form of depression. I’m not sure if depression opens up a pathway to creativity or if the muses are attracted to us so they can help, not unlike a creative guardian angel. Throughout the years, I have used my music and my words as self psychology. It sometimes helps and other times it’s like an attacking dog, relentless and angry. I have been writing music for 39 years and I have approximately 600 to 700 songs. I’ve had a lot of setbacks in getting my music heard, usually caused by my own fault or a fault in the wiring of my brain. I was diagnosed about 17 years ago with severe depression but I definitely had it my whole life like a dark loathing fog that envelops and consumes all positive thoughts. Then there is addiction. Is it a source of discontentment or the search of something to fulfill the overwhelming feelings from being so sensitive? Let’s just say, it has been a struggle.

Sometimes it feels like creativity takes more than what it needs. Or is that the empath’s mind? I have always struggled and it just might be a life sentence. But I accept the struggles as learning lessons and as a creative expansion of who I am. I am a Songwriter. I am a Guitar Player. I am a Painter. I am a Husband. I am a Father. I am a Friend. I am an Empath. And now I am also the Co-Owner of Arte Soleil. I am grateful for this opportunity. I am grateful for offering a place where Creatives can be who they truly are. We are not perfect and that is okay.


  • March 19, 2018

    Represent! <3

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