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Our Story

With a passion for the arts and the creative process, Kris Bella and Pete Fennell have created a space for local artists/artisans/creatives to connect, create and sell their amazing offerings while supporting East Portland culture and livability.  Moving to East Portland in 2008, Kris, an art therapist and advocate, & Pete, a singer and songwriter,  truly believe everyone is creative and has something special to contribute to the world.

—Our Vision
At Arte Soleil, we aim to challenge the perception that art is unattainable.
We believe everyone is creative and art should be accessible to all.
We embrace the creative strategies for economic vitality by…

…being an Arts-Oriented Incubator: Arte Soleil offers a dedicated low-cost space and services to support artistic, cultural, and creative professionals by providing a venue for sales, live models, still life, songwriter showcases, live professional demo recordings, spoken word, “write-ins”, culinary arts, stand-up comedy, improvisation and more.

…providing Education: Arte Soleil provides classes, training, professional development, and other activities for arts, cultural, or creative entrepreneurs.

…hosting Events:  Arte Soleil uses events and celebrations to highlight East Portland’s cultural diversity and creative talents.

…promoting Local Assets:  Arte Soleil promotes local creatives and cultural amenities for the purpose of attracting economic investment and skilled workers.

…creating  Public Art:  Arte Soleil supports temporary and permanent public-art projects through its creative arts marketplace and by serving as a hub for the expansion of installations and mural art within East Portland.

…supporting Community Revitalization Efforts:  Arte Soleil promotes community and neighborhood revitalization through artistic measures and strategies by supporting local  beautification projects as a means of promoting a sense of place and connection to community. Arte Soleil supports the City’s existing 122nd Ave revitalization plan.

…implementing Reuse and Repurpose:  Arte Soleil Implements the reuse of existing sites or buildings for arts and culture purposes while supporting creatives who repurpose as a form of artistic expression.

–Our Beliefs

Arte Soleil, an East Portland studio and gift shoppe, celebrates community by providing an inclusive and encouraging space to connect, envision, and support local creative investments. Our workshop space is available to rent for art classes, community gatherings and events.

WE believe…in providing a safe environment that allows for creativity to blossom

WE believe… in making local art readily accessible to the community by shopping small

WE believe… in exposing the community to a wide range of artistic expression through creative collaboration

WE believe…in supporting the creative community in the face of gentrification

WE believe…in the importance of original art being in the home

Arte Soleil is dedicated to providing an inclusive, safe, inspiring space to BE.