August 2018

by Judith Ashley August is Romance Awareness Month, and there is lots to see and do at Arte Soleil because The Creatives have put together an awesome display of items for anyone in your life you love... including yourself! Art, jewelry, and books that have a happily-ever-after are on sale through Labor Day weekend! To give you a bit more information, as the author of several of the books known as romantic women's fiction, let me tell you about The Sacred Women's Circle series. Each novel of the seven books features one member of The Circle as she faces the types of challenges many of us have: domestic violence, single parenting, recurrent breast cancer, death of spouse, homelessness, rape, etc. These women change their lives and find the love that has previously eluded them. On their individual journeys, these women rely on specific spiritual practices drawn from earth-based traditions and several religions to sustain them as they face obstacles and challenges in finding their soul-mate. Learn more about me, the series, and each of the women at However, I'm not the only author who has a book or two on sale. Love and Magick is an anthology of six short stories by Diana McCollum, Sarah Raplee, and Judith Ashley. Once Upon A Time... ... in worlds where talismans wield power, spells enslave or protect, and troublesome ghosts are captured for humane relocation, three intrepid authors spin mystical stores of romance. Alongside strong, daring heroines, you'll fall in love with an enchanted prince intent on holding onto his humanity, a tough cowboy who has locked away his wounded heart, and a spirit-hunting geek whose motto is "Ghosts are people, too!", and three more irresistible heroes.