Woody Moran


“Woody Moran is a singer/songwriter with a truly unique sound. Woody weaves excellent guitar skills with crisp, laid back vocals. His lyrics tell stories and he’s got a knack for catchy melodies. Woody’s talents are especially evident in a live setting; with heaps of stage presence, solid musicianship and an undeniable charm, he can grab the attention of a room immediately and hold them effortlessly with well-written songs and amusing comedic banter. We have no idea why he moved to Portland, Oregon of all places.” — Woody’s Mom

Woody Moran (ASCAP) was born and raised under the open skies of Texas and Oklahoma, and like the Texas cowboys of old, has always had a restless traveler’s soul. He headed out to Arizona when he was 20 to start playing, eventually led him on to California and a successful career in the music industry. This life choice put him in contact, and sometimes in the studio with some of the greatest musicians, engineers and producers on the planet, resulting in an incredible first hand performance & studio education as well as numerous mentions of special thanks on albums (including: Yes, Dixie Dregs, Journey, Starr Parodi, T Lavitz, Jason Miles, and Kilimanjaro).

Having studied violin and piano as a child, his high school involvement with music included snare drum in the marching band, 1st chair clarinet in the orchestra, and he was even awarded a university scholarship for upright bass in the school lab (jazz) band, all while playing guitar and singing in various rock bands.

It is this diversified musical perspective that is revealed in Woody’s songwriting. “Woody Moran’s songs sound like what might happen if Glenn Fry or Don Henley from the Eagles decided to join Steely Dan,” commented one reviewer. “The cool blend of jazz, soul and old school rock, gives all of us “older songwriters” hope that real music is always welcome,” said another review.

Woody started writing with fellow Portland songwriter, Kelly Brightwell in 2014 and together they released their debut EP Radio Stranger in April 2016. Radio Stranger features five songs which combine elements of many genres, including Folk-Rock, Pop, Country and Adult Contemporary. This EP was recorded with a small band playing “live” in the studio, with no prior rehearsals. The band features some of the best of Portland’s musicians; Jean-Pierre Garau (keyboards), Michael Henchman (bass), Jeff Koch (electric guitars), and Jeffrey Anthony (drums). The collection of hook-y and rhythmic tunes are held together by lush instrumental textures and the combined voices of Brightwell & Moran.

After charting at #1 an unprecedented 42 weeks on Broadjam’s Folk-Rock Chart, Moran was one of five international finalists in the 2008 International Singer Songwriter Association’s Best Rock Song of the Year contest with Tu-Toned Stranger. In 2010 his song “It Will Come Back to You” was chosen for a compilation CD for Adult Contemporary Radio Programmers. More recently Woody recorded a live show for Local Roots Radio program to air and stream on KMUZ-FM radio as well as a live television appearance on CCTV Salem, OR. Woody had a glowing review of Sitting In Aztec Chairs from the national publication Music Connection Magazine in April 2016. Woody is currently writing and submitting songs for film and television.

Visit Woody Moran’s website: https://www.woodymoran.com