Pamela Bainbridge-Cowan

Pam Bainbridge-Cowan is an award winning author of science fiction, fantasy and horror including the epic fantasy The Butterfly, book one of the Yetzirah: Pocket Worlds series. She is winner of the NSQ award and a #1 bestseller on Amazon. Her short stories have been published in Alien Skin, Argus, Space and Time, Visions, numerous anthologies and collections and have been read on radio.

An army brat, she was born in Germany and moved with her family 17 times before her father retired to Oregon, where she has steadfastly remained. She has two grown children and lives with her remarkably patient husband and various four-legged roommates.

Why I Love Science Fiction

​I never got good grades in history which–when I think about it–makes a lot of sense. I’ve never wanted to live in the past and, to be honest, I’m not all that interested in the present. No, I much prefer the idea of living in the future, and science fiction, whether I’m reading it or writing it, lets me do just that.

In the future–my future–everything will be as I imagine. There will be transporters to take us to work, where we’ll toil through a four-hour workday, for myself this job will include naming paint colors. The inevitable aliens will show up and be unexpectedly kind, sharing their technology, including the world-altering secret to unlimited energy.

This momentous gift will lead to things that have a profound effect on our well-being. For instance, we’ll all own floating cars that gently repel each other, so no more fender benders. Our fast and flawless computers will come with, at minimum, 42 inch screens. No one will never again be put on hold by tech support, or even need reading glasses.

At night we’ll plug some wires into a jack in the back of our heads so that while we’re asleep we can download all the podcasts we want, or even earn that PhD we never had time for. As we fall into bed we’ll pop a candy-flavored pill that will eliminate excess body fat, subtracting all the calories consumed that day so that we can, without guilt, eat all the chocolate cake and potato chips we want. As we drift off to sleep our exerciser will painlessly stimulate our muscles, keeping us as superbly fit as a marathon runner, without the marathon.

The same bed will, of course, fluff its own pillows and make itself every morning.

Yes, I love science fiction.

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