Lisa Cromwell

Lisa Cromwell is a science fiction and fantasy writer, Sherwood Renaissance Singer and substitute teacher.

Her novel The Elura Chronicles is about a potential dystopian future 100 years hence. Workers believe they are in paradise because they are chipped, programmed and drugged by one global corporation. Only a few, like Elura, can see that the world is not what they think.

Her short story collections are Good Rep (17 myths, stories and legends of lizard heroes) and Ten Titillating Tales described as short, early Twilight Zone-style stories.

A crazy cat lady, she lives in Northwest Portland with orange tabbies Henry and Evangeline. Both born in Maui, Hawaii,where she taught high school English for two years, the kitties are her Meowi Companions.

Lisa also shares her home with Scarlett, a Sunfire Bearded Dragon; Maximus, a Chilean Rosehair Tarantula; and three fish: Poseidon, a blue Betta, and Triton and Neptune, both Barb Fish.