Linda Cox

I developed my creative ability after I married and had a couple of children. Needing something to do, I began a long search for what was right for me. Since I was married to an artist, it would make sense I would take up painting. However, it just wasn’t a match for me. So, I embarked on an adventure; I would learn how to crochet because I love needle work. No one wanted to teach because I’m left-handed. After a couple of years, I met a woman who volunteered to teach me even though she was right-handed. Thirty years later, I have table cloths, doilies, blankets, and numerous other items out there.

The time came when crochet wasn’t fulfilling any more, so once again I began a quest for something new, exciting, and fulfilling. I discovered my love for wood. I began teaching myself wood carving and love it a lot. The smell of wood, coupled with the possibilities, has kept me chasing after the art of wood carving for 6 years. I have a lot to learn but I know my search will be rewarded.

In between crochet and wood working, I learned how to make and design wire wrap jewelry. I now design wire wrap for earrings and rings as well. I love wire work because wire is a forgiving medium and stays where I put it. It is fun to do. So today, I crochet and make wire wrap jewelry because both are fun and satisfying. As far as wood carving goes, it’s on a back shelf because I have nowhere to create as it is a very messy craft.