As a Portland, Oregon native, I am fond of all of our beautiful seasons. However, I particularly love the warm summer months in Portland. It can never get too warm; the hotter the temperature, the better.

I also enjoy listening to music, traveling, spending time with family, relaxing while burning scented candles, and making candles.

In my youth, I had a love for candles and started using them consistently by incorporating them into my regular relaxation regimen. I was curious as to how candles were made, but it took me 21 years to finally give candle making a try. My first attempt was awful. The candle was pretty, but it had no scent at all. After hours of research, along with much trial and error, success finally came. My candle making adventure quickly turned from a hobby into a small business, and in October 2018, KMD Kandles was born.

There are many ways one can make candles. I choose to make candles that are healthy to burn, with the use of all-natural soy wax. And to add and extra touch of relaxation, my candles have a delightful array of relaxing and healing scents to choose from and a crackling wooden wick to enhance your experience.

Allow me to help you set the mood and ambiance of relaxation through my handmade collection of candles by visiting: where you will find more information on where KMD Kandles are now being sold in the Portland area!!