Jose Ramirez

Jose recycles, refurbishes, and repairs used toys. From his website “Let’s Play Again:”

“This is a family business. Back in 2005, I wanted to find a Star Wars Y-Wing Fighter. When I started searching, I found so many cool toys that I started collecting left and right. After a couple years, I started filling our house with toys. My wife, Azucena gave me permission to use one of the extra rooms, which I filled. As the recession hit home, Azucena realized that selling the toys would be a way the family could make ends meet and I started selling my beloved collection.

“At first, we just sold Star Wars toys and action figures, but then we began selling legos. They were fun and kids like them a lot. The legos were a big hit! People love the creativity and versatility of legos. We realized that we wanted to increase our impact by not only selling great toys online, but also opening a retail store to help the community have a fun and safe place to go for learning and connecting.”