Heather Michet


Heather Michet is an impassioned songstress, healer, and educator.  She believes in the power of Nature to nourish us, keep us well, and help us get well.  Fresh Air Fare, Tranquility, and The Jump Journal are star products from her line of natural healing solutions – all of which are available at Arte Soleil.

As a soulful a cappella vocalist, she connects humans to their hearts, vibrant health and the Earth.  Her favorite hashtags are: #earthgirl #justgetoutside #natureamazesme #youarethemagicpill #lifehog #rabidlygreen and #musicheals.

Inspired by her Grandma Rose, Crows (the bird), and her rabidly green “waste nothing” lifestyle, Heather creates practical, usable items from repurposed, found, or available materials for her Crow Crafts.

One example is Firestarter Cones: fallen cones from various conifers are gathered, dried, then repeatedly dipped in melted candle wax (defunct candles, ends and overflow puddles) to create a thick coating.  Lay your fire in the fireplace, woodstove or camp fire.  Top with a Firestarter Cone, then light the scrunched paper on the bottom layer and watch that fire ignite!

Crow Crafts will soon be available at Arte Soleil!

Visit Heather’s website: https://irishealingarts.com