Clayton Morgareidge

In the years since I retired from teaching, I have completed a book titled Demystifying Demons: Rethinking Who and What We Are. Its purpose is to survey the territory of the unconscious where our inner demons live, and to do this for readers without previous background in psychological or philosophical theory. It proposes a way of thinking about our souls (psyches) that is broadly psychoanalytic but that remains closer to our ordinary experience than other presentations of psychoanalysis. The book is also more user friendly than explanations based on brain science. It is addressed directly to people who are disturbed by renegade thoughts and feelings (inner demons) they do not understand or control.

I am also part of the duo: Clayton & Ernie. We perform an eclectic mix of folk, pop, jazz, and original songs, blending voices in harmony. Ernie is on guitar and I am on harmonica. Kaleidoscope and Rum Avenue are for sale at Arte Soleil.