Carol Good-Hanson

Hello. My name is Carole Good-Hansen. I was born in Kalamazoo, MI.

Being born one year after World War II, I realized at a young age I was destined to be an artist. My favorite pastime usually involved a pencil, news print, a lap board and my perching in a tree. I would draw for hours, eventually progressing to a 39 cent box of water colors. Throughout my life, with all the many things I did and places I lived, was always afraid to commit to truly being an artist. I felt inexperienced and on the fringe, not knowing what to expect.

As I became more confident in my artistic abilities, I became a silk screen printer, worked with a chain saw carver of west coast renown, and more.

Then I was offered a special project for Fred Meyer and eventually became a display specialist. After that, I became a glass etcher doing work for Disney, Columbia House, Nike, Carl Greve’s etc.

The actual turning point came unexpectedly with a trip back home to MI. With a few choice pieces in hand, I wanted to judge the reaction I might get from a trusted friend. To my delight, it was positive. I was visiting a lifelong friend who reconnected me with my High School art teacher – who was then director of the Battle Creek Art Commission. He promptly bought one of my pieces. I was ecstatic to find my work was not only pleasing to me, but well received enough that someone was willing to pay for it. This gave me the push I needed to start selling my work and I have been doing quite well with it ever since.

That was fifteen years ago and I’ve never looked back.

Who could have guessed all those years ago what a rewarding experience this would be? On a personal note, what more rewarding career could you have but doing what you are passionate about and getting paid for it?

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