Brice Maki

My name is Brice Maki. I have been doing Pottery for 8 years now, ever since I was a freshman in high school.

Funny thing about it was I was not interested in it at first, I really thought it would be something that people just don’t do anymore.

However my high school teacher Michael Grubar really actually became someone that I looked up to. The dedication that he displayed as a teacher
was phenomenal and it motivated me to really give pottery a shot. Gladly enough it became something that I really enjoyed and have enjoyed to this day.

After high school I went to MHCC and worked with a lot of amazing artists, who benefited me greatly bringing me even more into the limelight of pottery.
After college I had an internship with Dorothy Steele who taught me the essentials of hand building, which was something I did not really like at the time.
But Just like the rest of my mentors in life, it turned out to be greatly appealing to me, and her techniques inspired me in the way I do my work.

A darker part of my life however happened about 3 years ago while I was working towards my pottery goals.

I had a mental health breakdown and it altered my life dramatically, pretty much putting my goals to a halt.

However through the support of others who work in the mental health field, I decided to dive back into my passion for ceramics.

Even in your darkest times, you still have to find the light that drives you. So that you can pursue your destiny in life.