Bill Larson

In 2012, two years following an early retirement, I needed something to do. I thought, “…maybe I could make some guitar slides again, and we could sell them in the Summer at music faires…” We talked the idea over and when I looked for glass, I found boro glass (think Pyrex) was available, IN COLOR! The clouds parted, the sun shone forth and my wife bought me a tile saw for my birthday! I set it up in the patio, added a lead screw and a 12v. bilge pump using a battery charger. I began cutting glass again. Many hours of test and improvement, several saw blades and about year later, I liked the cuts I was making. We bought a used torch set and once again, I was fire polishing glass!

It was a very slow restart, but Wow!

Our first ‘faire’ was a Christmas Bazaar. Blue slides sold best. My dull retirement became paradise—on a budget—and in slow motion. I’d found something to do alright, and we’ve come a long way since 2012…

Rocky Butte Guitar Slide Company

We are a small company in Portland, Oregon, making and selling glass guitar slides. All of our glass is borosilicate (a.k.a. ‘boro’), the same rock-hard glass that made the original Pyrex-brand glass products famous. Over the years, glass-making technology has evolved. “Boro” glass is now made in beautiful colors all over the world. The Rocky Butte Guitar Slide Company makes its products using glass from many sources, producing our slides stateside, in a sustainable manner. We recycle our waste, reuse our coolant and pay a living wage. Our products are sold to music stores and musicians at fair retail and reseller prices. Artisan methods require us to take extra time in making your slide just the way you want it, durable and well-fitted for you and your instrument. The results are certainly worth the effort.

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