Ariana Lopez

By Ariana Lopez

Synergy between the creative forces of woven ancestry and the freedom to breathe new life into story is what sparks this young creative’s fire. Ariana grew up with a strong desire to be an artist in some form throughout childhood and much into adulthood. Her expression encompasses pure intention and a lens of wholeness. Her grandmother is a huge inspiration in all that she does. In 2008, her grandmother wrote a book that goes by the title ‘Symbolia’ which is a world revealed to us as one parallel to our own. As Ariana grew older, she started doing readings of the book one on one with people and in group settings. as she found great meaning in the story’s lessons. Around the age of 17, she had been drawn to the path of an interior designer only to realize that landscape design had been called her more – and that specializing in edible landscape designing would be a fun multi-functional route. And once again, then evolved into a further study of permaculture design (permanent agricultural or permanent culture design), a more holistic approach to agricultural systems, and the way we interact with land, community, and all that surrounds. 

These passions have now flourished in many wonderful ways; her lifework is to continue sharing tales of her grandmother’s story through readings and expansion of the book into various art forms. This is expressed through ceramics, music, paintings, sculptures and more – with a vision of games, tarot cards and a skit / play to come.

Symbolia gives great insight into different walks of life as the kids are told they must walk the Sacred Path all the way around Symbolia in order to get back home to their Earth world. And ancient prophecy says they’re there to save Symbolia from the Giants of Induss Tree, whom are tromping on MotherLung Rainforest…

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She is also developing a format for applying permaculture principles to the ways in which we interact with ourselves and with others in our lives. A way to take these social dynamics from a non-tangible form to a tangible one – where we can further look into our Inner landscapes and use symbolism to reflect our highlights and edges in a visual context and then create a design that would be the most beneficial for moving forward in this awareness in our lives. A combination of Eco Therapy and Art Therapy per say.. Along with this Inner Landscapes project which is in the foundational works, Ariana lives in a permaculture community and volunteers closely with a non-profit organization called City Repair, as the Nourishment Coordinator. This organization puts together an annual 10 day long permaculture gathering in June every year called the Village Building Convergence and this year she connected Arte Soleil with the organization to collaborate on having it as one of the placemaking sites to beautify the gallery while making it more sustainabl

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