April Degele

After 18 years as an ER/Trauma nurse, April retired and circled back to her first love … art.

As an artist and author, she feels that these outlets best represent the evolution of her own humanity through adversity and transformation. As a mixed media artist, she dabbles in a bit of everything from pencil to watercolor, acrylic, oil, acrylic resin, clay, and recycled materials. It’s the creative process itself in which she finds the most joy.

A teacher at heart with more than 2 decades as a medical, metaphysical, and artistic instructor, her hope is to continue to teach others to embrace their creative muse.

Her personal motto is that nothing is perfect, nor should it be. What we create is perfectly ours and there should be no other intention. No matter what you create, whether you like your work or not, someone else will. Someone else will get it, and that is all the validation we need of our own existence.